Should Firecracker be Banned?英語作文

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  In Chinese tradition, when the festival comes or when people are having big days, they will play firecrackers, in the purpose of informing others that it is a good day for them. But as the time went, playing firecracker is dangerous, some people get hurt, in some big cities, people are not allowed to do it. In my opinion, firecracker should be banned in some places.

Should Firecracker be Banned?英語作文


  If people live in the countryside, they can play firecracker. In the countryside, there are a lot of space between door and door, so that they can play firecracker in the leaving space, it will not hurt people. At the same time, people can keep the tradition, they can enjoy the festival phenomenon. If people live in the big cities, they mustnt play firecracker, because there is not so much leaving space between door and door, playing the firecracker will not only annoy neighbors, but also will bring danger to people. So it is not suitable to play firecracker in the big cities.


  Firecracker is the symbol of happiness in Chinese tradition, but people still can use other things to take place of firecracker.